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At the heart of neXtgen Agri is innovation. We are constantly searching for ways to enhance the sustainability of farming livestock - financially, environmentally and ethically.

We conduct projects for a range of businesses and are proud to collaborate with leading researchers and consultants around the world.

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Footrot free fine-wool sheep

On behalf of the The New Zealand Merino Company we are working toward a genetic solution to footrot.  We are working towards a footrot breeding value that can be used to reduce the susceptibility of sheep to this debilitating disease.This project has been ongoing since 2012 and involves the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU) and Sheep Genetics.  The project has required significant collaboration with fine wool breeders across New Zealand.  We run the NZM Central Progeny Test as part of this work program. We are making some serious inroads into finding footrot resistant fine-wool sheep.  For more information contact us, or visit NZM's Perfect Sheep website.

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