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Christchurch, New Zealand

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Bringing genes to life

At neXtgen Agri  we are committed to enabling the extensive animal industry to make optimum rates of genetic gain by making timely and well-informed decisions. 


We know that efficient and transparent gene flow will unlock the vast potential within extensive animal industries globally. 


We focus on converting the complicated language and systems of genetic science into intuitive decisions.  We aim to bring genes to life.

Our passion is helping businesses to achieve their goals.  We want to be an extension of your business and will tailor our work to your needs.  

We are committed to remaining an independent source of advice for all of our current and future clients.  We never take commissions on any sales that we arrange.  We work on a membership and fee for service basis.

Coming Soon

neXtgen Agri have exciting plans in store for 2020

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Dr Mark Ferguson

Christchurch, New Zealand

+64 3 550 2442

+64 21 496 656