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Welcome to neXtgen Agri
livestock consultancy, expert advice and an industry-leading network to get the most out of your farming enterprise

farming in our hearts, science in our heads.

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why us?

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Whether you use neXtgen Agri’s on-farm consultancy services or take one of our online courses, we will help you breed better and more profitable livestock.

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Gain access to a team of experts in a format that suits you.

With a choice between our our monthly access plan, on-farm consulting or online courses, with neXtgen Agri you can choose your most convenient way to improve your livestock.

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We are a friendly bunch of respected industry professionals.

We are not a big corporate, we care about you, your farm and your livestock. Our promise is that we will always listen, support and help you make educated and profitable decisions.

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Everyone has an opinion but ours is backed by science.

At the heart of neXtgen Agri is innovation and research. We are proud to lead projects on behalf of the industry and to collaborate with universities and industry organisations.

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latest articles.

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Below are our most recent articles covering a range of topics from ongoing research, industry developments, new learnings and client case studies. We are always adding something new, so check back regularly and visit the articles page.