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maiden ewes.

neXtgen Agri Heading Dots

The aim of this producer demonstration site (PDS) project is to demonstrate the impacts of adopting best-bet management of maiden ewes on their reproductive performance and carryover effects on subsequent performance. Ultimately the project aims to enable producers to more confidently improve the reproductive performance of maiden ewes. Maiden ewes can represent up to 30% of the whole farm ewe flock and their reproductive performance is usually 20-30% lower than that achieved at their subsequent joinings. Current recommendations regarding the optimum live weight or condition score targets for joining at 19 months of age, during pregnancy and from weaning their first lamb to joining at 2½ years of age are based on limited evidence, are generic across environments, breeds and genotypes and fail to consider the full impacts of better management during their first two years of life.

A total of 8 sites will be established where ‘normal’ maiden ewe management is compared with a ‘best bet’ ewe management. The ewes will be followed for their first and second lambings to assess the impact of improved management on both the initial performance of ewes as well as the carryover effects.  We will be running 4 sites in 20/21 and another 4 in 21/22.   This page will be updated with information as it is generated and will feature each of the properties that are involved.  Project information will be provided periodically.  If you would like to receive updates on this project please sign up below.

To find out more please contact Darren Gordon - Call 0408 114 656 or email or MarkFerguson - Call +64 21 496 656 or email

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